Beast-Warrior child, now werewolf


A young child, found by the party while on the road to meet the Shadow Dragon. As they came to learn, she is “cursed” with the ability to ingest a small amount of blood and take some of the traits of the race whose blood it was. She can also lose control of herself if severely wounded.

She is currently being trained by Zel to control her anger and her powers and views Zel as an older sister or mother.

10 Years have passed and Alice has been adopted by Zel and Rishika as their daughter. After 5 years of peace, her powers have faded, leaving her feeling lost. She left the island of Marmo to find herself and became a werewolf.


Alice was sold into slavery by her mother after her father abandoned them. At the auction, she tried to use a necklace as a bargaining tool, only to have the necklace fuse with her, causing her to become a beast-warrior/berserker. She had been on the run for 2 years before being caught by the guards and transported to her “owner”.


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