Bouncy, friendly healers from the land of espers.


Name: Sylus
Nicknames: “Silly”
Race: Half-esper (Carbuncle/Viera)
Gender: Male (…subject to variation in the future ;P)
Class: White Mage

Appearance: He is covered from head to toe in light green, bordering on teal fur, with sky blue tips on his ears, which take the basic shape of Carbuncle’s, but with the length and the slight floppy-endedness of a viera. His hands and feet also share the sky-blue fur, like a normal animal would have as “socks” on its paws. He also has a bluish-purple gem, rather than a red one, on his forehead. His hair is shoulder-length, and blonde, with a single beaded section on the right side of his face, the beads in a rainbow of color, several of them glittering as well.


*Significant relations:
>Kae-Ti: One of Caitsith’s half-esper children, and one of Silly’s best friends. Considers herself an intellectual, and loves a good mental challenge. Squabbles with Loup constantly.

>Loup: A half-esper of Fenrir, and another of Silly’s closest friends. Very friendly and easy-going. Loyal to a fault to his friends, even if he bickers with Kae-Ti on a regular basis.

>????: Silly’s summoner, whom he gets along with fabulously.

>Chocobo: Silly calls him “uncle Boko” and considers him one of his favorite relatives to hang around. The two often make one another laugh easily, and Silly (frequently with Kae-Ti and Loup) regularly stayed with “Boko” when his father had other business to deal with.


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