Ze'Lilith Nazarie

A tough pugilist and wanderer, with a mission of her own.


A daughter of Enki, once a resident of the Mountain of the Gods, now a wanderer. Has survived on her own for some time during her travels, which shows through her strength and demeanor. Determined to save her people’s Father at any cost to herself, she has hardened and steeled herself through her trials. Defensive and quick to anger, but determined to protect those close to her, she is a valuable ally-so long as you stay away from her bad side.

Hunted by the Aegyl (Elliot a common enemy), and looked down on by her cousin tribes and cities, she hides her heritage under cloak, but occasionally blows her cover with her temper, her earth powers causing damage around her and earning the disdain of those around her.

Has found a kinship in Alice, and is determined to protect her; both from a hard world and her own doubts.

Ze'Lilith Nazarie

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