Al bhed

Al-Bhed, not so much a subspecies of human as much as a way of thinking/life. The Al-Bhed embrace technology with the unexplained glee of a child, tinkering away on one project to the next. Most airships, and certainly the most advanced ones, come from Al-Bhed foundries. In fact, airships are one of their most profitable exports – though the number shipped accounts to less than one a year. For the defense of their own nation, for many rightly fear the power of their technology, the Al-Bhed maintain a standing fleet of 15 aerial warships. When required their armada can be greatly inflated by a quick retrofit to their 20 trading vessels.

Al-Bhed can truly come from any walk of life, though the racial identity of this tribe is human, the random tinker moogle is not completely unheard of. Because the tribe is one of state of mind over blood, it is far-flung with only one city to unite them as a people. This place is known as Foundry and is the location of the majority of the Al-Bheds production facilities as well as the People’s Shipyard, where their airships are created. Many far flung Al-Bhed have their laboratory or workshop, but nothing like this shining star of productivity.

Recent Events

Relations between Al-Bhed and the other races of Lyhl have been becoming sour in the last few years since the Aeromatics incident. A spy, few really know who or what it was, stole the blueprints to the Al-Bhed’s warships. Knowing that this revealed weaknesses of the design and thusly put their entire people in danger, the Al-Bhed retaliated. In their pursuit and capture many people we hurt – in the end it may have been a lesser security risk simply to allow the secret to escape. With the fear their technology induces and their disdain for prayer to the divine – such an event could have well tipped the scales. Woe to the ones who take to the field with them though, for the Nezumi of Torna and their great legions stand in support of the Al-Bhed. The reasons being partially out of the need for the Al-Bhed’s advanced arms to equip Torna’s armies and partly out of respect for fellow outcasts who protect their beliefs as hotly as the Nezumi do their own.


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