When only Jakohl existed at the rebirth of Nezumi culture – dance was perhaps the most important part of their religion and the last shard of their lives from before the Terrors that befell them in Lucina. Those few who survived to withdrawal to Lyhl were changed by the terrors that befell their civilization. The Nezumi of Lucina were a peaceful culture devout in their worship to the gods and the very ideal of life. Few remained when the dragons finally acted and the scars of death and pain marked the race forever. Many still sought to follow their traditions and practice their art to please the gods – still more were disgusted by the weakness of their people and fled to the coast past the deep desert to found the Port of Torna.


Holy City of Jakohl: The dance of the proto-culture is one of rhythmic dance as if in a trace, giving ones self up to the pulse of life and the inspiration of the divine. Dance is present in the telling of history, every major event in a Nezumi’s life, and in the daily worship of these devout people.

Port of Torna: The Nezumi of the second city were scorned by their brethren and driven out of the Holy City for their new found militant bent. In retaliation they have spurned much of what it once meant to be Nezumi, turning their backs on their culture. Dance in Torna has been changed and is now seen primarily as military marches and promenades. Ironically, dance still holds a place in the most important parts of these Nezumi’s lives, but in a manner most displeasing to their kinsmen across the sea of sand.

Martial Traditions:

Holy City of Jakohl: The Nezumi of Jakohl have long been known for their peaceful natures. That said, the deep desert and even their Holy Tree are not without danger. Within Jakohl itself, there is little to fear, the dance of the High Maidens is enough to sooth the hearts of nearly any beast. When one travels outside the upper brought on which the city rests, to gather food for instance, safety becomes more paramount. The city has housed a long line of skilled huntsmen, providing much of the food for the city above. While these men could hardly be called soldiers – they do provide some safety from the dangers of the wilds. All of that said, the people of Jakohl have a tradition that reaches to the dawn of their people – the Dragoons. The Dragoons are protectors blessed and chosen by the gods themselves to take up arms in holy service to the Divines. That their actions are so divinely guided, the blood they draw is considered sanctified and just in the eyes of this peaceful people.

Port of Torna: The existence of this blooming culture is due to the very topic of martial tradition. The people of Torna felt many more of their people would have survived the cataclysm that befell on far off Lucina if they had the tools and knowledge to protect themselves. The Nezumi that survived till the gods intervened were few – if not for the great fertility of the race they would be a mere shadow. Thankfully that is not the case and such birthrates lend themselves well to the raising and replenishing of armies. The Nezumi of Torna have some of the most skillfully trained and dedicated regiments of troops known to Lucina. Ranks upon ranks of heavily armed and armored troops sporting spears that dark and strike like the fangs of a snake. Scouts and saboteurs of great stealth and focus – the darkness a fast friend of the Nezumi. The unit of greatest esteem within this vast machine are the ‘Order of the Dragon’, garbed and armed to mimic the Dragoons of legend. While these proud knights do not have the blessings of the gods – they are perhaps the greatest warriors upon Lucina.

With Torna’s back to the Sea of Sand and the great ocean before them, the Nezumi of Torna have embraced a maritime culture. While some young knights will journey into the desert to slay a vile monster – the majority of the Nezumi find their lives on the battlefields of foreign powers. Fighting the wars of others that they might prove to be the greatest military power of them all. That their own holdings are so removed certainly lightens the hearts and fears of these brave men as the cut down their enemies so far from home. That Torna has a vast fleet and impressive coastal defenses certainly does not hurt and makes attack by sea tantamount to besieging an Adamantoise in their native waters.


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